Sepanta Knowledge-Based Machinery Manufacturing Company

Machine building is the driver of industry development

Sepanta Machinery Manufacturing Company was established in 2004 with the aim of producing packaging machinery. Due to the expansion of this field, the decision was made to engage in the design and manufacturing of machinery for thin and semi-thick fluids.

The challenge of entering the large machinery market, gaining market share, competing with other rivals, and keeping up with the latest technology trends to create value and be a pioneer in the industry ultimately turned the company's focus towards becoming a suitable environment for packaging industry professionals.

To move along this defined path, the concerns of valued customers needed to be identified. This led to the establishment of a strong research and development unit and, to address these concerns, a robust design and after-sales service unit within the company. Subsequently, this industrial unit managed to equip more than 400 small and large domestic companies within the country, and even exported to neighboring countries and European countries such as Macedonia and England.

Sepanta Machinery Manufacturing Company, relying on its engineers, began studying the A4 paper production line from roll to sheet and packaging in 2012. In 2014, a machine of this production line was designed and manufactured. With the construction of this machine, the knowledge of designing and manufacturing native production line machinery was acquired, and now the machinery of Sepanta Machinery Manufacturing Company is the most advanced machinery in this field, known for its high quality